5 Apps in Windows 8 Smartphone

Microsoft has kept up its name with the newly launched operating system Windows 8 for Smartphones. Its  reputation was taken ahead with the integrated apps that are designed in an effective manner that would target the professional audience. There is no doubt that even the gaming apps have gained equal importance that retains in the top 5th position on the app store.

On the other hand there are applications that can even drive the IT professional’s interest where their hectic work is really simplified into normal operations. The major interface change has achieved the real progress where it has already been noticed by the existing ones. Due to this skipping of the OS there are possibilities where real time hurdles can be encountered. However, Microsoft is trying its level best to reduce these chances eventually. Thus, the killer apps are the only way through which they can sustain the competition of android and iOS application store.

Although the choice can be quite complicated the below mentioned top five apps can give an idea on the process of selection.


The cloud storage is not confined to other services as Microsoft has extended this SkyDrive in order to provide the facility of storing and accessing the files virtually from your Smartphones. This way all the files can be carried along with you, wherever the travel destination may be. However, the documents can be shared, edited and viewed utilising the Office web application.


In the present busy schedule people are prone to experience the turbulent traffic which can never be known or expected. This condition is completely modified with Inrix that is capable of providing the real time traffic condition. It is surprising to know that this provision is all over the world and your mobile guides the right traffic-free way.


Controlling investments through tables and graphs is done through SigFig which retains the entire portfolio. Not only this, there are even advices provided such as the best market place, avoiding fees and investment opportunities on the market. The dashboard is capable of holding the entire information on a particular aspect.


Managing myriad and frequently fluctuating passwords is possible with the single goal-oriented mSecure. The encryption of data that is done with 256-bit Blowfish offers an ability to manage account numbers, passwords and usernames through designing required templates with prefab templates.


Utilising Soluto, one is able to manage the technical issues of their relative PCs. It is easy to keep yourself updated with the latest information that will be provided including the disk clearance space irrespective of the residing place. On the go multiple tasks can be implemented even if it is from abroad as there are no bounds.

Here are some more apps which one could like to look upon,


This is one of the most wanted apps where mapping is considered. Designing maps is as easy as pining them on your home screen where navigating and referring them is easy and simple. However, there is a limitation in this where the arrows can be only bidirectional with a limited number of nodes. Adding colours, symbols and descriptions additionally is not possible.

Remote desktop

Viewing the recent desktop connections with the convenient screenshot is accessible through Remote desktop. A single click can navigate to the previous session provided the start page possesses its history. The task of copying, switching and pasting is done smoothly.Some of these apps are premium versions that need to be purchased where cash loans uk can be consulted.