Android Smartphones are the One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

Most of the gadget lovers are smitten by Android smartphones. I have no qualm in saying the fact that 7 or 8 out of 10 persons will love to purchase an Android smartphone or tablet over any other devices at any point of given time. Such is the enigma of Android OS, which is probably the best software to have ever been installed in the history of mobile gadgets and handsets.

Famous electronic brands such as the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and many others are offering pre installed Android OS to customers. The recently launched Android v5.1.1 Lollipop OS is almost ruling the minds of the people these days. A smartphone can be of multiple uses. Using Freecharge Coupons you can easily recharge your smartphones online and grab alluring offers as well.


Top 5 Essential Android Apps for Your Frequent Use

Honestly speaking, the popularity of Android devices could have taken a downturn if its OS were not able to support so many important apps that it does today. When you have a handset with pre-installed Android Operating System (OS), then you can use it in a lot more ways than you could imagine. Few essential Android Apps are mentioned below for your frequent and day to day use. Mark my words; these apps would immensely help you.

  • Yahoo News Digest: Especially designed for those news junkies who don’t wish to miss any news. This app would be the most useful for them. You neither need to surf your net nor switch on your TV to watch news, because this app brings to you several news without any delay. In other words, the news will straightway reach your mobile making it easier for you to read them.
  • EBay: This is probably the coolest shopping app that you would ever come across on your smartphone. The task of shopping becomes much easier when you have this app installed on your android device. Simply open the site, browse the desired products, select the goods that you wish to purchase and pay using the Paypal sign-in option. You can also sell using the app as a retailer.
  • Speedtest: Well, this app gives you the opportunity to compare the speed of your internet network to that of your friends. You don’t need to personally ask your friends that what is the speed that their network service provider is offering to them, because you secretly know the same using the app. It facilitates comparison and allows you to know whether your service provider is offering you with correct speed or not.
  • BBC Weather: This is one of the most popular apps for the busy people who don’t have much time to know about the weather using internet. Once you install the app, it will keep you informing whether it will bring heavy rain or storm today or not. Similarly if you are planning to go to a differed place and don’t have much idea about whether of that place, then this app will certainly help you out.
  • Evernote: This is the one app that is set to bring solace to your life. You may come across a beautiful thought that you wish to preserve then you simply collect it on the app. It will store the same. Similarly you have plenty of things to do using this app. You can also record voice and capture photos on it.

Obviously, after reading about these unique and extremely useful apps you also wish to own an Android Smartphone. Purchase it from any online store and don’t forget to refill internet balance on it via Online Mobile Recharge. It provides consumers with better cashback and other offers.