10 best business apps for tablets

Tablets are the devices which are smaller than a laptop and bigger than a smartphone. It is a device that channels the world of home and office. They can keep a track of information which can be recollected at any point of time .No matter whether it is small business or an enterprise you must implement a tablet strategy in your business .To buy this expensive gadget you can take payday loans in case you run short of money.


The benefits of using tablets in business include

  • Portability
  • Mobility
  • Productivity
  • Virtualisation
  • Environmental

Business apps for tablets:

 WunderList: This app is used for making to do lists and for setting remainders. It is used for prioritising all your tasks. Instead of remembering all works you can use wunder app to simplify your job.

  • Easily installed
  • Simple to use
  • Better understanding
  • Beautiful app look
  • Free and safe.

Right signature: It is most efficient app to get your documents signed. Every day it is used by the millions of business people to create digital documents. It is filled out and signed online within seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service
  • No plugins required
  • Save time
  • Secured e- signatures

Square: this app allows the user to accept credit cards through mobile devices. This can be done either by swiping the card or by entering the details manually.

  • Helps in earning rewards
  • Instant access to discounts
  • Helps in promotion of business
  • Ability to collect cards from favourite places
  • Provides timely announcements

Ever note: It is a widely used notes taking app. It makes you an efficient business owner by helping you to remember all important things.

  • Free application
  • Synchronisation
  • Files attachment
  • Categorise folders
  • Saving web pages
  • Work online and offline
  • Merge notes

HighRise: It helps in setting email introductions when you are out of work. This app gives the information about your clients and employees at any point of time from anyplace.

  • Improved communication
  • Colour schemas
  • Satisfying set up
  • Voice notes.

Zite: This app helps in reading the articles of your interest .It gives much attention to your clicks creating a thumbs up and down for the stories you prefer.

  • Goes beyond manual customisation
  • Uses powerful technology
  • Saves your time by providing valid information

IThoughtHD: It is the user friendly mind mapping app. Using single idea it can generate more ideas related to it.

  • Making notes
  • Expands network
  • Organising ideas
  • Ideas can be kept in a single place.

Sales force mobile work: This app connects all the team members through mobile. Using this tab you also help others in doing their work.

  • Gives up to date information about deals
  • Chatter box helps in sharing files
  • Collaboration in business activities
  • Files will be published immediately
  • Information representation through graphs and charts

Gecko board: This app helps in viewing all the business information in one place. You can see what is going on in your business site rather than checking each service individually.

  • Can integrate all the critical data sources
  • Key metrics are highlighted
  • Useful for large projects

Team viewer: This app helps in working out with all team members irrespective of their location. This app remotely accesses all your team data to ensure consistency.

  • Videos, presentations can be easily shared
  • Customer support
  • Can run without installation