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How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Blogging in terms of attracting new customers, providing up to date and interesting information as well as creating a hub of content that people are actually interested in. There are many benefits to having a well put together blog for your business, and we’re going to look into a few of the main ones in this article.

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7 Ways to Increase Blog Reader Loyalty

Blogging is perhaps one of the most common ways of earning money online.  However, being able to know how to blog is just not enough to get you more money.  You have to learn how to increase reader loyalty so that you will not have a hard time driving traffic to your blog. If you are one of those blog owners who have problems driving more reader loyalty to your website, you may want to keep these seven tips in mind:


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Top Paying CPM Advertising Network

If you pay attention to the types of traffic you are getting in your website or blog, you should be able to tell if most of them are organic traffics from search engines, or direct referrals. Organics traffics from search engines convert good to CPC, but visitors who visit your site on regular basis (the direct ones) will hardly clicks on these CPC ads. To convert this type of traffics to revenue, using CPM ads are one good solution.

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Google Panda : Some Tips You Should Know

It’s here. It’s inevitable. It’s called Google Panda, the latest Google’s search algorithm which aims to promote the high quality content site by dooming the rank of low quality content sites. Since its release and updates, many sites have been shown to be terribly affected by the algorithm, but the worst rumor here is, they can do almost nothing to recover the ranking and traffic.

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Guide to Secure Online Transactions

Transaction is no longer limited to real world today. Witnessing the Internet reconnaissance happening in every modern country, most companies especially big brands have setup their own e-commerce sites with several payment options offered for secure online shopping and transaction. However, what we heard almost everyday is transaction security issue like phishing scam happening all around the world.

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WordPress – How WordPress Helps Make More Money

There are a number of factors to be taken into the contemplation if you are looking to earn money via wordpress. These factors are pretty much related to make the wordpress blog to be more visited and getting major hits on the internet medium. Remember, without these factors being taken into your action list, you might not be able to get complete benefit a wordpress blog.

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