7 Ways to Increase Blog Reader Loyalty

Blogging is perhaps one of the most common ways of earning money online.  However, being able to know how to blog is just not enough to get you more money.  You have to learn how to increase reader loyalty so that you will not have a hard time driving traffic to your blog. If you are one of those blog owners who have problems driving more reader loyalty to your website, you may want to keep these seven tips in mind:


Give your readers the chance to subscribe

This would mean that you have to make your subscription corner visible to your readers so that they will not have to spend more time trying to look for ways on how to subscribe to your blog.  As the age of social networking is now on the rise you have to make these things work to your advantage.  Allow your readers to subscribe to your blog via Facebook or Twitter.   Today, there are so many cool plugins that can make your social media more visible, such as the scrolling sidebar that scrolls as the user uses the website.

Put your best stuff forward

Your main page has to contain some of your best stuff.  By doing this, it can help attract online visitors and sustain their attention to your website. Your side bar should also contain other equally interesting stuff.  Make sure as well that the good stuff is easy to navigate.  So if you have a handful of great posts, create a section that says something such as “Top 10 Posts.”  The more pages your visitors view, the more they may become glued.

Content is definitely the king

One of the major reasons that your readers will keep on coming back for more to your website is your content.  See to it that your website is devoid of any rehashed material made from crap.  Only post those articles which have great, enriching and inspiring content.   Remember, make it a habit to post at least twice a week.  Visitors often get bored or annoyed with websites that only post twice a year.

Keep your blog updated

If the last time that you updated your website was five months ago, then never expect for your blog to gain loyal readers.  Remember that you are competing with many other websites out there.  So, see to it that your site does not contain any outdated information.

Interact with your readers

Bear in mind that interacting with your readers is certainly not a waste of time. If somebody commented on your blog, take the time to respond to it.  If a reader suggests something, find ways to interact with that reader.  If you think that you are too busy to communicate with your readers, might as well delete the comments section on your blog and do not expect your blog to rank even at number 30.

Know your readers

One of the best ways to increase blog reader loyalty is to turn every online visitor into an avid reader.  Do not just aim of having plenty of visitors.  But, you should also aim of having an increasing number of loyal readers each day.  Get to know them better by knowing their fields of interests so that you can come up with a better content especially tailored to their wants and needs.

Highlight avid readers

If you want your readers to be loyal, try to put them in a spotlight by interviewing them.  Post this interview on your site or create a feature article especially dedicated to your chosen loyal reader.  This will inspire any other readers to visit your site more often than they usually do.