Why is Google Chrome Download so Popular ?

Previously, Internet Explorer was the default browser for majority of the PC systems. When you get habituated with a particular browser, you do not wish to change it until and unless you get some attractive elements in the new browser. This is where Google Chrome beats the other web browsers. Once you start using it, you will find many reasons for changing to this browser. Don’t you believe it? Download the free version and start using this browser right now!

You can get detailed knowledge about the different browsers from the online PC tech support websites. In a very little time span Google Chrome acquired a huge popularity. It can be used in all reputed operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS, Linux and all the latest versions. Google Chrome provides you enough reasons for changing to some better browser.

In every minute, multitude of users is clicking on the ‘Chrome download’ button. Why such a large number of users are choosing this option? Here are some of the reasons for you.

Easy-to-use User Interface

Google Chrome has an organized and clean layout without the crowding of toolbars and menus like the other web browsers. Launch it to have a simple user-friendly interface.

Modernized Tab Browsing Facility

From ‘tab content’, you can restore your closed tabs, close the different tabs as well as duplicate tabs. Can you rearrange the order of the tabs in any other browser? You can do it so in Chrome. By the ‘drag and drop’ facility, you can not only rearrange your tab orders but also drag a tab and open it in some new window. Will you get such a privilege in any other browser?

All the different tabs function independently. Therefore, is you face trouble with one tab, this browser confines to that tab only letting the other tabs function in their own way.

Faster Loading Speed

Incredibly quick loading speed is the primary reason for the widespread popularity of this web browser. The loading speed is increasing with new releases. Whether it is running a complex web application, loading of web pages or starting up, response of Chrome is faster in all aspects.

Strong Security  

The integrated phishing and malware protection of Google Chrome ensures secure web surfing. The new updates guarantee that there is no security loophole in this browser. Chrome with the help of its sandboxing technology prevents malware from affecting your system. It isolates the affected tab from the others to prevent further damage.

Privilege of Syncing     

Syncing extensions, browser preferences and bookmarks to other computers is pretty easy with Google Chrome. This is a perfect browser for the home PC systems and also for persons having two or more number of computers.

Greater Availability of Features

With Chrome, you can check running processes, amount memory being used of your browser. All this is possible due to the presence of task manager. Multiple themes, apps and extensions are available with this browser. To use all this, you should avail the best online computer help.