Top Paying CPM Advertising Network

If you pay attention to the types of traffic you are getting in your website or blog, you should be able to tell if most of them are organic traffics from search engines, or direct referrals. Organics traffics from search engines convert good to CPC, but visitors who visit your site on regular basis (the direct ones) will hardly clicks on these CPC ads. To convert this type of traffics to revenue, using CPM ads are one good solution.


CPM (Cost Per thousand Impressions), generally on publishers’ point of views are how much one can earn when an ad gets 1000 impressions on the website. Some ad networks pay $3/CPM, some $4, but the average is about that. If you have 700 regular unique visitors generates about 1000 impressions a day on your site, these people are not likely to click on CPC ads, so I’d say CPM ads are probably a better way out. Here’s few of the top paying CPM ad networks that I’ve come to know, used or heard before. If you have more, I’d be happy to add them in. Full list after jump.

28 sites that pays you to blog :




Bardzo Media


Casale Media


CPX Interactive

Gorilla Nation


RealTech Network


Tribal Fusion

ValueClick Media

Vibrant Media


Note: These ad networks may also offer CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action) or other formats of ads and comes in various payment method. Some of them also have a minimum requirements in terms of site traffics. Be sure to read the FAQ thoroughly before submitting your application.