Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 will be released on October 2012 and it will feature a 5.5-inch display. According to some Samsung GALAXY Note 2 review, Samsung will have a second version of its wildly popular ‘phablet’; the Galaxy Note II.

When comparing with other Samsung Smartphone master piece, Galaxy S II & Samsung Galaxy S3, GALAXY Note 2 is normally best-known for it’s Exynos 5250 Quad-core Processor, which made this series as one of the few to offer full 1080p HD video recording, in the mean time taking photos and video look great. The outstanding performance of Samsung GALAXY Note 2 also noticeably proves itself better than what people can do with iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S.

For the sake of a more fluent control speed, this popular mobile phone, GALAXY Note 2 is equipped with a brand new Orion Exynos 5250 quad-core processor, combining two Cortex-A15 cores, with frequency reaching 2.00Hz,broad band 12.8GB/s. Also a new GPU Mali-T604 will be used.

As can be shown in relevant materials, the graphics core equipped in Orion Exyons 5250 is likely to be divided into two versions. Specifically, the dual-core one will be used for smart phones, while the quad-core one for panel phones. The Samsung GALAXY Note(GT-i9220), as a combined product, has more possibility to adopt quad-core GPU, whose graphic properties can reach 3 to 5 times of Mali-400.