Is It Possible to Boost Your Wireless Router’s Network Range ?

Wireless routers are a wonderful medium for transmission of wireless network signal. When the router is in perfect line with network adapter, the router gets strong and uninterrupted signal. Keeping the line of sight with the adapter is not an easy task since there are various obstructions in the path of wireless signals. Computers, cables, trees, floors and what not – many other things are there which hinder signal transmission.

Computer technical support technicians suggest you to place the wireless router in some high location so that it can receive strong signal. How can you have flawless wireless connection with your router?

Ways of Increasing Network Range for a Wireless Router  

Buy a wireless router having one strong antenna or you can also replace your existing antenna to make sure that router captures signals more efficiently. Want to know the other ways of improving the network range? Here are some for your benefit.

Up-gradation: At times the problem can be with your laptop’s network adapter. In spite of strong signal transmission from your wireless router, the adapter can fail to receive it. Here your only solution is to change the network adapter. You have to upgrade both your adapter and router to the latest versions. Remember one thing, when you are upgrading these two hardware parts, upgrade each of them simultaneously and with similar standards.

Together with this, don’t forget to update your router driver from time to time so that it works smoothly.

Position: The range of your wireless connectivity greatly depends on your router’s position. Any expertise service provider will recommend you to place the router at a center position of your room so that it is not subject to any obstruction at all. When you place the router near your room’s wall, in a central location, you are supposed to receive maximum connectivity.

Do you know that even mobile phones can be an obstacle to wireless network transmission? The Wi-Fi antenna of your wireless router is omni-dimensional giving you the privilege to receive as well as transmit data from each and every direction. Hence, when an obstruction comes in the way of your router, you only receive partial signal.

You can also use the directional antenna instead of the omni-directional ones. Using this directional antenna gives you the facility to direct the signaling as the situation demands. In a way, you increase the wireless networking range of you router.

Repeater: This is one of the effective tools for increasing the strength of your wireless router. A repeater is positioned at a half distance from your router. This works wonder ion boosting the signal strength. No more of experiencing a weak signal.

Channel: You get 11 frequency channels which are all susceptible to change according to their performance. You know, if two routers are in close proximity and are transmitting the same channel, then wireless connectivity is hampered greatly. In that case, you should at once change the frequency channel.

Are you not been able to enhance the wireless connectivity range? Call up the remote tech support experts.