Charge iPhone with your breath

The use of portable gadgets nowadays has become necessity for everyone of us. Sure, we have great benefits from these gadgets but requisites tends to fire back on the environment where most of the power used to run these devices are commonly coming from non-renewable resources.

iphone with a breathe


In his own way, Joao Paulo Lammoglia designed a concept mask called AIRE Mask where the mask runs tiny air turbines to convert your breath into electricity to charge the device like the iOS devices. You just need to wear the mask and breath with the device connected, and hey you’re charging your device instantly.

Now if you’re asking, if someone will be wearing this during a early morning jog —-we don’t know, but if you’ll have to attend a costume party, this device will transform you to a “greener” Darth Vader or Subzero in a snap.