9 Invisible Addictions and How iPhone Monitoring Programs Can Help You Get Control Again

When you feel a compulsive urge to do something with known side effects, you are labeled as an addict. Computers, cell phones, internet, and all high-tech products/gadgets are addictive. The minimum side effect is the waste of time which can translate into more serious wastes, such as money, health, social life, and relationships. Smartphones are particularly more addictive as you carry them as your personal belonging to every place you go.

Since you lost your control gradually, your best bet is to gain the control again – slowly. Take technology’s help by installing an iPhone monitoring program. This program will log the details of time spent on each of the activities you indulge in on your iPhone. Here is a list of 9 compulsive addictions you can beat:

1. Playing games :

Most of the modern games keep you glued to your iPhone in your spare and not-so-spare time – Angry Birds, Mafia Wars, and Farmville – to name a few. Since your software maintains a log of all your applications, you can easily go around finding your ‘time eaters’.

2. Hanging out :

Teenagers love to hang out at their favorite places. If the behavior goes uncontrolled, the addiction assumes abnormal proportions. You can control addictive hang outs by monitoring the physical location of the phone.

3. Social media :

Social media is a great way to stay connected to friends and folks but it is very addictive as well. People develop an unhealthy habit of status updates and photo sharing to the detriment of relationships and life goals. Keep a watch on excessive web surfing and get control of your life now.

4. Browsing :

Browsing the web can be very addictive as people tend to get the information from the comforts of their homes. If you monitor the web browsing on the phone, you can control this behavior seamlessly.

5. Impulsive shopping :

Impulsive shopping is a major dent to your pocket and your budgets. Use the physical location monitoring feature of your software to track and control impulsive shopping.

6. Chatting :

Chatting over the internet is very addictive and can disturb your sleep and daily routine. Stay in control of excessive chatting and skyping by monitoring the cell phone usage.

7. Long duration calls :

People in general and ladies in particular can be addicted to extended phone calls. This habit can result in higher phone bills. You can monitor the phone calls of an iPhone to ensure that this habit does not cross limits.

8. Excessive messaging :

Teenagers are specially addicted to texting. The side effects of this addiction are bad grades, high phone bills, and even traffic accidents. If you are monitoring the iPhone of your child, chances are that you can control this habit in the early stage.

9. Shopping spree :

Some people simply love to shop and can’t help this habit of theirs. They plan a full day or even a week of shopping causing major setbacks to their financial planning. Control this behavior with an iPhone monitoring program.