4G LTE vs Wimax on Mobile Phone Domination

There is indeed a great battle between 4G LTE vs. Wimax. However, this battle history between the two has never been revealed to the people. Lets us start with the definition of the two.



In mobile and information technology, 4G means 4th generation. An LTE in the other hand is an acronym for Long Term Evolution. It is a standard developed by wireless communication companies to provide its consumers the fastest mobile internet. 4G LTE claims having 10 times faster internet connection compared to its predecessor, the 3G LTE. This kind of internet signal is part of the arms race to 4G technology. However, the 4G LTE has been considered by some phone companies as their main provider of internet connection.



Wimax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is considered one of the pioneering providers of wireless internet. With speed ranging from30 – 40 mbps, Wimax now claims to have achieved the 4G standard of wireless internet connection. The term Wimax was first used last 2001 in the Wimax forums to provide conformity of the standard term to be used. Wimax can give an internet signal up to 50 km radius in the metropolitan area. However, since these internet signals are shared to some users, the actual performance may sometimes be frustrating.


Looking back to history, Wimax was the first to provide the cellular companies the opportunity to provide its consumers the mobile internet they have been demanding on. Years after the advent of Wimax, global recession took place. Wimax survived the recession while LTE companies would have to wait to penetrate the market. Now, LTE is slowly accelerating and becoming the new internet provider of the cellular phone companies.


Both 2 providers of wireless internet offers a much faster, reliable and stable internet connection compared to the wired connection. However, the battle begins with most smart phones acknowledge 4G LTE to be much more economical. The chips and antennas that transmit 4g LTE signal are much cheaper to Wimax. This approach to cellular competition has been the game for the past five years. Cellular phone companies are starting to realize that to be more competitive, using much affordable cellular parts that offers better performance would be the game for today’s tight competition.


There is no doubt that Wimax offers the same speed as the 4G LTE. However, the economical impact of Wimax usage would absolutely be its downfall.The choice of some cellular phone companies to pick LTE as their internet provider is due to the reason that LTE is the natural evolution of cellular phone signals from GSM and HSPA.


As Wimax is considered as one of the promising technologies to provide a wireless broadband internet access to some urban areas, it is still doomed to perish in the battle to dominate the mobile phone internet connection. As some researchers predicted, in 2020 4G LTE users will already outnumber the Wimax users. It is expected that by 2014, there will be 300 million 4G LTE users compared to only 30 million Wimax users.