iPad Application Development – Adding Uniqueness to the Tablet


The press release will move your focus to iPad application development and the reality of the ipad applications. Also, it will offer you guidance and suggest you the right process to hire iPad app developer.

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Is It Possible to Boost Your Wireless Router’s Network Range ?

Wireless routers are a wonderful medium for transmission of wireless network signal. When the router is in perfect line with network adapter, the router gets strong and uninterrupted signal. Keeping the line of sight with the adapter is not an easy task since there are various obstructions in the path of wireless signals. Computers, cables, trees, floors and what not – many other things are there which hinder signal transmission.

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How To Disable Plugin-Container in Firefox

Plugin-container is a Firefox process designed to ‘out-source’ the plugins used by the browser. Firefox’ model is based on the use of plugins to add functionality, however this goes along with a chance of instability due to a malfunctioning plugin – this would cause the whole browser to collapse since the plugins were all included in one central Firefox process. With the implementation of the plugin-container, the plugins are seperated from the browser process, making it more stable. Now if a plugin crashes, Firefox remains unharmed.


It is known however that this feature causes serious performance issues with many users, that’s why it might be a good idea to test what happens if you deactivate plugin-container (the plugins are not disabled that way, they are just stitched to the main process again).
To do so, open Firefox and direct the URL line to about:config. This is the internal configuration of Firefox, be sure to take the warning that will be shown seriously.
In the search bar on top, enter dom.ipc. A few boolean entries will be shown whose name begins withdom.ipc.plugins (on Firefox 9 there are two, while there are five on some older versions).
Set all of them to false to disable plugin-container:

Ways to Promote Your Site

Some time ago I wrote an article titled “Are you marketing your blog?” where I argued that there is a myth around the Internet that bloggers and webmasters should not spend money on advertising. The myth comes in great extent from the success stories of people that managed to create popular websites without spending a dime on advertising or other paid promotion techniques. The reality is that most of those successful websites were pioneers on their niche, hence why they became popular without spending money on advertising.

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Speed up Your Website

The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Below you will find the summary of the “Speed Up Your Site” series. Those are simple yet effective ways to make sure that your website is running fast. You can click on each point to read the article with comments from the readers.

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