5 Apps in Windows 8 Smartphone

Microsoft has kept up its name with the newly launched operating system Windows 8 for Smartphones. Its  reputation was taken ahead with the integrated apps that are designed in an effective manner that would target the professional audience. There is no doubt that even the gaming apps have gained equal importance that retains in the top 5th position on the app store.

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10 best business apps for tablets

Tablets are the devices which are smaller than a laptop and bigger than a smartphone. It is a device that channels the world of home and office. They can keep a track of information which can be recollected at any point of time .No matter whether it is small business or an enterprise you must implement a tablet strategy in your business .To buy this expensive gadget you can take payday loans in case you run short of money.

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Angry Birds Seasons Updated With New Levels And A Pink Bird

Rovio is out with new levels for its popular game Angry Birds Seasons, along with a cute and bubbly (literally) new pink bird to keep you company. Based on the “back to school” theme (since US schools are reopening after the vacations), version 2.5 offers 20 new levels in a schoolyard setting, as well as a new pink bird. After impact, this avian weapon causes surrounding objects to float up for a while and then come crashing down, causing more damage in the process. While Rovio has indicated that the update will be available for both Android and iOS, it’s currently available only for the latter. This new addition is priced at $1 (approx Rs 55), whereas the iPad-only Angry Birds Seasons HD can be downloaded for $3 (~Rs 160) from the iTunes App Store.

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